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Clean water is needed throughout the whole home, from household cleaning to car washing, food preparation and consumption, for showing/bathing and laundry too. To cater to such needs, you need Point-of-Entry products to filter incoming water before serving the entire home. Besides enjoying clean water, your appliances will be less strained, thus able to perform better and for longer periods of time.
Hyflux Automatic Sediment Filter (ASF35) serves as a first stage filtration system to help remove dirt, rust, sand, grit and loose particulate matter if present in the incoming water supply. Easy to install and maintenance free with self cleaning capabilities.
Product Features:
  • Clean water for whole house
  • Removes rust, sand, sediments and particulates
  • Automatic self-cleaning function
  • Long lasting and durable without the need for filter replacement
  • Constant water supply
  • Easy installation without the need of electricity
  • Programmable to suit your needs
  • Discreet and compact in size (Height <40cm)


Product Name:

Automatic Sediment Filter ASF35

Dimensions (W x D x H mm):

381 X 133 X 105


9V battery

Pressure limits:

2 - 6.9 bar

Temperature limits:

5-49 °C

Service flow rate:

Up to 132 Litres/min

Pressure drop:


0.5bar @ 132 litres/min
0.08bar @ 60 litres/min

Flush interval:


7 days (Default setting)
1-30 days (Range)

Flush duration:

​~25 sec


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